Love from Bali

At this special occasion, we would like to invite you to a virtual journey, where we will reconnect you with the charm of Bali, our home and birthplace. 

The Love for Bali

The universe has called us for a healing process. Start from ourselves: our body and our soul, the community and the nature. The love of Bali has been growing immensely and it is time to act and share those love for a real act. Join us by checking these wonderful things that you can do from home. 


Let’s start a new era where we agree to visit Bali respectfully to its culture, nature and surrounding. Be the change for your next visit to Bali by starting to sign to this pledge and join us to create the new era of Bali. 


There’s always light in the dark. The inspirational move from Pak Yasa has helped many villagers around Bali to get free rice from the exchange of plastic trash. Most of the economy in Bali is heavily depends on the tourism. Since the pandemic of COVID19, many households have lost their income and try to survive at their best. If you want to support this movement, you can visit:

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