Looking for sweet treats other than gelato/ sorbetto? We have four selections of milkshakes here at Gelato Secrets. Our milkshakes are made from milk, added with flavorings of our gelato scoop and whipped cream.


Being the second most popular beverage in the world, tea has been an all time favorite for everyone and every occasion. Our hot & cold tea is using a carefully selected tea leafs from Dharma Tea. More than just a tea distributor, Dharma Tea offers quality service, assistance, and advice regarding the best methods of preparation and serving with top quality teas from Indonesia. At Gelato Secrets, we offer hot and cold tea selection of Lemongrass & Honey, Jasmine & Mint, Red Fruit.


Being journeyed from Toraja, Sulawesi, we selectively handpicked the Toraja Arabica coffee beans for perfections. It is our goal to serve you, the coffee with an exquisite aroma and taste, better than any other and ensure to reach that standard of excellence.


Affogato is an easy after-dinner Italian dessert that sets you off to a relaxing simplicity. It is a combination of two delicious essentials, a gelato and an espresso all in one cup. At Gelato Secrets, we created our affogato with the premium ingredients of gelato and selected coffee beans to make the espresso. You will taste an Italian classic indulgence when you pour the cold-brewed coffee over our gelato!